Damien Stefanidis

... is the lead vocalist and sound engineer of orfeas.

He was born in Katerini Pierias, in the Makedonia region of northern Greece.

He comes from a musical family where singing and music have been an integral part of his life from a very young age. In high school he joined his first band Νέα Γενιά, which had started as a local high school band performing at local events in Katerini, and matured into touring and performing various concerts in northern Greece. He has performed in various nightclubs, including consecutive seasons at the Romeo in Katerini.

In 1984 he relocated to the US where he attended the University of Massachusetts, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a personal interest in audio electronics.

In 1986 he co-founded the Greek band Avgerinos, a very popular and successful group entertaining the New England area for over 14 years. He was lead vocalist and front man for the Avgerinos band for its entire lifespan.

Damien has performed regularly at clubs in the Boston area for years including the Middle East, Schooners, Avalon, Roxy, Mama Kin, and Olympia to name a few.

He is one of the founders of orfeas and has been the lead vocalist and front man for the band since its formation in 2000. He is a perfectionist where sound is concerned, and an all around professional. He considers himself truly blessed to have been surrounded by talented musicians that share his passion for excellence, quality, and musicality throughout the years. And his orfeas bandmates are at the top of that list.

Damien studied privately with classical vocal instructors and world renowned vocalists Robert Honeysucker and Jean Danton throughout the years.

He is also a well regarded sound engineer and has provided sound reinforcement and mixing services for various concerts and studio recording sessions. Some of these include the Dimitris Basis concert, Arianna Savalas Cabaret Night, Ano Syros concerts, and the Greek Music Ensemble performances. His engineering background and musical talents enable him to not just "run the mixing boards", but do so with a musician's ear, ensuring everything sounds balanced, musical, and above all, pleasant and enjoyable for the audiences.

When he is not singing, mixing, recording or entertaining, he disguises himself as a Systems Architect in the Real Estate and Workplace Solutions division of Trimble.